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Decide on Features: Consider how you want to use your portable grill. Whether you want to pack it up in the car to take to the stadium parking lot or whether you just need something small to put on the patio, it’s best to what features you want out of a portable grill before trying to make a purchase.

To Do: Read through guide to buying a portable grill to help you decide what features are important.



Define Your Price Range: How much are you willing to spend? If you want all of the tricked-out features, then be prepared to spend a pretty penny. If you have a specific budget that you want to stick to, then you might have to give up on some features. Fortunately, there are many good quality and feature-full portable grills that can be found in just about any budget.

To Do: Visit the Price Guides linked at the top of this page to see what you can expect to pay
for the features you want.



Compare Portable Grills and Read Reviews: Now it’s time to whittle down your list. Choose a few grills that stand out feature-wise and meet your budget requirements, and compare them to each other. Does one have a feature you’re sure you will need, while the other has a really cool feature that you would like to have? Weigh the pro’s and con’s to each grill and decide which grill has the features that you will really use, and which ones seem more like a gimmick. (Yes, there are some really gimmicky features!)

To Do: Compare grill models by Reading Reviews and Comparisons.


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Updated Sunday, December 11th, 2016.

New Grill Reviews for 2017!

It’s not even the end of 2016 yet, and I’m already testing a bunch of new grills for the New Year. I don’t want to put too much stock into any particular model, but what I can tell you is that my favorite brand so far is looking like Cuisinart. Of course, other popular brands still have very strong contenders, and I intend to review as many as I can before Memorial day this year. So, keep checking back. We will not disappoint!

In the mean time, check out our pages that I keep updated with the most popular products. We have a top 5 page that shows you what the current most popular grills are, or if you have a budget in mind, check out these pages:   Under $100, $100 – $200, and $200 and up.



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This site was originally born out of a need. My passion for outdoor cooking was passed down to me from my father. Like him, I will grill in any weather. Unlike him, I have chosen gas and propane grilling for its ease and cleanliness over his favorite charcoal pits even though I still appreciate his fine charcoal fare when I can get it!

About three year ago, I moved into a small condo with a very small balcony, and I had to find a replacement for my big Char-Broil unit. I was researching portable grills online, and found that there really wasn’t much for real reviews and information. Or at least accurate information.

And just like that, this site was conceived. Well, it wasn’t quite that easy. I put a lot of time and dedication to researching and reviewing each and every grill that I write about. If I don’t like a grill, I’ll tell you why. If a grill has features that don’t work for me, but might work for someone in a different situation, I’ll note that.

The goal of this site is to create a one-stop consumer research center for people looking for information on portable grills. I have a few reviews and comparison pages already up and going, and soon I’ll be adding a section to show people how to fix their grills so they don’t have to buy new ones.

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