About JustPortableGrills.com

I know that on the front page, I explain that the reason why I started this site was that there was a lack of real information comparing portable grills. Yes, that is the reason why I specifically started this site, but it goes much deeper than that.

I research and review products for a living. I research a lot of products beyond portable grills. And I research and review these products and post my information online for free.

I do all this research for people like my father, who has never had the ability to consider anything beyond the price tag. I do it for people who want to hear more than just the sales pitch and learn what a product is really about. I write for those that want to really know if a product is right for them, or if there is something that would be better suited to their needs.

It’s time-consuming. It’s a full-time job and then some!

Why do I do all of this work so you can have it for free?

Well, the truth is that I do make money from this site. When you read one of my reviews and click through to a retailer and purchase a product, I am compensated. I’m like a door-to-door salesman who earns a bit of commission each time I sell a product, but the difference is that I don’t have any loyalty to any one product or brand.

I know a lot of people don’t like to hear that if they click through to one of the retailers I list that I might get a little bit of their money, so let me address that.

As I said, this is a full-time job. I love running this website and others, and I love that I can give people information that they wouldn’t otherwise find.

I buy the products and test them out myself. This costs money. I also spend all of my time researching and gathering information. I couldn’t do that if I wasn’t compensated somehow – I don’t have a trust fund!

So, this site is sort of like going to a store, and I’m sort of like a salesman, except I won’t feed you a line in order to make a sale.

In fact, there’s a good chance you came here to learn more about a specific portable grill, and it’s quite possible that you will change your mind and choose a different one.

That’s why I do this. My ultimate goal is to show you what each grill is all about and leave you with enough knowledge to make a well-informed decision.

Could I do that if I were a salesman?


Does my service cost you anything?

No. You would pay the same amount whether you visited my site or went directly to the retailer’s site. In some cases, I even help you save money.

Ask me how well I sleep at night?

Perfectly fine. And I get up really early, excited to work some more.


What is the purpose of this site?

This site is intended for informational purposes only.

The purpose of this site is to provide the general public with the information I have collected about certain products. This information may not always be correct, but it is correct to the best of my knowledge. I pledge that I will never intentionally post incorrect information about a product on this website. I treat each product I review as honest and unbiased as possible.

Each review is thoroughly researched and written to give you the best information possible. I spend a great deal of time with each review in order to find all of its points – good and bad. As consumers, we need to be aware of what we are spending our hard-earned money on.

This means that I will never accept cash or bribes to review a product falsely. I choose all products I review. They are never suggested to me. This allows me to publish my reviews with a level of integrity that can be tough to find on the internet today.

However, I am only human and maybe wrong from time to time. If you see an error in my reviews, do not hesitate to contact me and tell me what information I have wrong. I would also love to hear from you if you have experience with the product that you feel should be shared with other potential buyers. You are welcome to leave your own comments, or to contact me directly.

I also would like to note that these reviews often contain links to 3rd party sites. In some cases, these links are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something using these links, I receive a commission. Please know that these links are the only way that I am able to provide these informative reviews to you. If you find my information to be helpful, please support me and this site by using them. You will never pay more for a product from a 3rd party vendor by using these links. In some cases, you may pay less than otherwise advertised, as 3rd party vendors may decide to give visitors from my site special deals.

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