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Six Great Accessories For Coleman RoadTrip Grills

One of the many wonderful things about being a RoadTrip grill owner is that there are several accessories available to you.

You may not need any accessories to have a great experience with your grill, but you can easily take it to the next level with them. Whether you want to cook using different methods, save a bit of money on fuel or protect your investment, these accessories are the ticket to a better grilling experience.

Mix and Match Grates

You’ll never run out of ideas when you pick up a couple of extra grates for your grill!

As reported in my reviews, my favorite reason for owning a RoadTrip grill is that accessory cooking grates are available. By default, these grills come with two half-sized grill grates that both fit on the grill at the same time. That is enough for most people who just want to grill, but I know I can’t be the only one who likes to mix it up a bit!

Fortunately for RoadTrip Grill owners, adding variety to your cookout menu is as easy as pie with any combination of the following grates.

The Stove Grate

Coleman Roadtrip Swaptop Stove Grate AccessoryI have found this to be a necessity for my camping trips for so many reasons. As it is, the grill grates that come with the grill aren’t great for use with pots and pans. This slim grate is designed to look and act like an electric stove element. Heat some water to clean dirty dishes and dirty kids. Get some hot chocolate on the go. You can even plan to make your favorite chilli recipe.

Available at Amazon.

The Griddle Grate

Coleman Roadtrip Swaptop Griddle Grate AccessoryI love the griddle grate because I love all things breakfast. Having a griddle grate matched with a grill grate works perfectly for cooking pancakes on one side and breakfast sausages on the other. Having two griddle grates means that I can keep grease from my frying bacon away from my eggs.

This half-sized grate is available only in cast iron. There was once a cast aluminum version, but it was discontinued in favor of the (obviously) sturdier cast iron version.

Click here to see it at Amazon.

Full-Sized Griddle Grate

Coleman Road Trip Full-Size Aluminum GriddlePlanning to cook a lot of pancakes for breakfast at the family reunion? This full-size griddle is a perfect choice. You might ask, why can’t I just use two of the half-sized griddles? You can, but the advantage of this griddle is that there is no gap in the middle of your grill.
Not that the griddle should be limited to breakfast. A nice change from the regular BBQ fare could come in the form of chicken fajitas or a tasty stir fry, which is very easy to make with the griddle grate.
Please note that this griddle is only available in cast aluminum, as far as I can tell.

Available at Amazon.

Wheeled Carrying Case

Coleman Road Trip wheeled carry caseIf you plan on dragging your grill to the ends of the earth, or need to store your grill for the winter months, this case is an absolute must. Not only will it protect your investment, but it will also hold all of your other accessories as well as cooking tools and even condiments!

Tall people will really appreciate this case, as we know that it can be difficult for us to tote around the grill by itself. With its own wheels and handle, the case is a little longer which makes it easier to move around.

Do you have a version of the RoadTrip grill that has a handle built into the stand? Don’t forget to pop the handle out before trying to get the grill to fit into the case.

Available at Amazon.

Adaptor and Hose for Refillable Tanks

Coleman 5 Ft. High-Pressure Propane Hose and AdapterOne issue many people have with portable grills using a disposable propane bottle. Some don’t think it’s very economical as compared to refillable tanks, and they aren’t wrong!
Others are more concerned with having to switch bottles out halfway through a meal, whether they are in the middle of a tailgate party, or whether they like to cook on their grill a few times a week.

The adapter hose conveniently allows your grill to run on any size refillable propane tank. This makes it a perfect accessory for those who aren’t keen on spending money on disposable propane bottles. By the first time you drain your first 20lb tank, you will easily have paid for this hose!

Available at Amazon.

RoadTrip Grill Cover

Coleman RoadTrip Grill CoverWhether your RoadTrip grill takes up permanent residence on your balcony, or just an overnight trip at the campground, keeping your grill free of dirt, dust and out of the rain is very important to keep your grill looking and cooking the way it should.

This cover will fully protect your grill when it’s set up and not in use. It’s made of very durable materials and is heavy enough that it won’t fly away.

Edit: This grill cover is now marketed as the NXT grill cover, but it does indeed work for the RoadTrip grills.

Available at Amazon.

All accessories featured in this article are designed to work on LX, LXE, LXX and Paul Jr Designs RoadTrip Grills unless otherwise stated by the retailer. Read my reviews on the RoadTrip LX or the RoadTrip LXE.

7 thoughts on “Six Great Accessories For Coleman RoadTrip Grills”

  1. I love my road trip grill and have several different grills and griddles I use with it. I just purchased a full size griddle for it but find the top won’t close, with the full size griddle, when not in use. Is this the way it is suppose to fit? Eric

    • Hi Eric,

      That seems like a very odd design flaw. Can you tell me which model RoadTrip you have, and what the model number of the griddle is? I’d like to see if I can match them up myself. Though it might not be the issue, is your RoadTrip perhaps a little older?

      I am going to be doing a monster RoadTrip grill update in the coming months. I will make sure to pick up the newer versions of the accessory plates, and maybe then I can help you with this strange issue.

  2. Great article I have the old original road trip classic I think its called the lx now, I have been searching for the hose and adapter to attach it to my travel trailer, it has the quick disconnect for low pressure propane connection so need the adapter that replaces the regulator on the grill. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Tim,

      I completely agree with you that it would be great if Coleman came up with a disposable drip tray liner for the RoadTrip Grill. I’m not sure why they haven’t done this yet, as it seems like a pretty obvious solution. I lament that Coleman has not come up with one, as it seems like a no-brainer.

      Hopefully, they will consider this in future versions.

      – Josh

  3. I am here looking for silicon mats that are the size of the roadtrips pull out side trays, anyone seen any???

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I haven’t seen mats fitting Coleman Roadtrip’s side trays. But if you were confident in your cutting skills, you could look into larger silicone baking mats (without fiberglass) and custom-cutting them to fit.

      Share your experience if you try this!



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