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Review: Cuisinart All Foods CGG-200

Cuisinart CGG-200 Portable Grill
Cuisinart CGG-200
Reviewed By: Josh Klassen
Our Rating:
4/5 stars
What’s Hot: Not only is the Cuisinart All Foods CGG-200 very easy to look at, but it can also grill at exceptionally hot temperatures. Rich features include very easy lighting and sensitive temperature control, a built-in thermometer and cast iron grill grate.

What’s Not: Though the grill itself weighs in at around 35 lbs, it’s still not the most portable grill out there. Even though it is a very solid grill, some parts are prone to rust in very humid climates.

The Bottom Line: The All Foods CGG-200 does grill like a dream. It’s perfect for those who would like something a little smaller than a full-sized grill for their patio or balcony, or RVers and tailgaters who can transport it securely.


About the Cuisinart All Foods CGG-200

While it’s touted as being a high-performance portable grill, the CGG-200 probably gets so much attention due to its really nice looking design. It doesn’t hurt that it has nearly all the bells and whistles, too.

In the last year or so, the All Foods CGG-200 has dropped dramatically in price. As of Summer 2012, you can find it for much less than the $250 list price, sometimes as much as $100 less than that.

The CGG-200 is sold under the Cuisinart name, but is actually sold and warrantied by The Fulham Group. I’ve heard mixed things about their customer service – some say it’s fantastic, others say it’s horrible. Either way, Cuisinart won’t directly help you if you have any problems with this grill. Make sure to check your manual for contact information.



The Cuisinart CGG-200 has a very large 240 square inches of grilling space – far bigger than many other tabletop grills – thanks to the edge-to-edge cast iron grilling grate.

I love how hot the CGG-200 gets, too. Though 12,000 BTUs over a single burner might not sound like much, it’s more than ample to heat the entire grill to temperatures beyond 500°F – and even hotter, in some cases – in as little as 10 minutes. This is the ideal temperature most professionals recommend to properly sear steaks and chicken.

I like the design, too. It’s just a great looking unit. It’s mostly made out of stainless steel and incorporates double-wall construction for extra insulation. Not only does it look fabulous on your picnic table, but keeps heat focused on your food and stops it from leeching out.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Thermometer built into hood
  • Includes a handy tray for cooking veggies and kabobs
  • Very easy to start – can be started with one hand
  • All handles are also stainless steel
  • Side tables fold and hide away when not in use
  • Will accept both 14 & 16 oz disposable propane bottles
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In-Depth Review:

How Portable Is It?

I would call the CGG-200 moderately portable, though I found that it was a little bulky. It does have handles on each side and weighs only 35 lbs, so I suppose that in that sense it is portable. You can move it around from one spot to another very easily.

But when it comes to traveling with it, it’s another story. This isn’t a grill that you would want to walk with for any long distances. It is nearly 28″ wide, so you will definitely need both hands to carry it. I suppose it would be easier if you had an extra person to help you carry it with each person grabbing a handle.

Another issue is that you really need to make sure that it’s secure when being transported. For test purposes, I threw it in the back of my little truck and drove it around a bit. Because it is quite solid, it bounced around a bit. I would be concerned about damaging it or having the screws that hold the feet in fall out.

Otherwise, if you want something to sit on your deck, this would be a really good pick.


Cooking Capabilities

This is where the All Foods CGG-200 stands out. I connected a 16 oz bottle of propane and started it up with the twist ignition/temperature control. Not even a hint of an issue there – it started up instantly.

It heats up pretty quickly. With the lid down, the thermometer read nearly 600° after about 8 minutes, and my oven thermometer that I’d placed right on the grill verified that. The cast iron grate was more than hot enough to sear my steaks on contact.

I grilled two strip steaks on one side and a quartered bell pepper with sliced onions on the other with no problems. You could probably fit 4 medium sized strip steaks on one side, but it would be very crowded.

One note when it comes to cleaning – there is a drip tray that is placed underneath the grill box to catch drips. I’ve never seen it actually collect anything! Most of the drippings ended up on the bottom of the grill, which didn’t require a huge effort to clean up.

If you want to cook just meat, the CGG-200 will easily cook for 4 and possibly 6 people, depending on your choice of meat. Otherwise, I find it to be perfect for two people.



Overall, I found the All Foods CGG-200 to be a very high-quality grill, though it does have one drawback.

It does use a lot of stainless steel and some cast aluminum in its construction. This means that it is built to take the high temperatures it can put out. The base is made of steel and has all of the joints welded together. It’s painted with an enamel coating to protect it from the elements.

The draw back? They didn’t make the tabs on the flavorizer plate out of the same high-quality stainless steel that other parts are made of. If you live in an area with high humidity, especially on the coast, those tabs could rust out quickly. This isn’t a problem for me – I live in a dry climate – but I imagine that if that plate wasn’t firmly held above the burner the way it’s designed to, it would change the way the grill works.



Specifications Overview


Ratings and Recommendations

Just Portable Grills Rating

Portability3/5 stars
Cooking Ability5/5 stars
Cleaning4/5 stars
Quality4/5 stars
Customer Rating4/5 stars

Overall Rating4/5 stars

I give the Cuisinart All Foods CGG-200 a thumbs up.

But what do owners think? I collected consumer ratings from several sources. It seems that the majority of customers agree with me – a whopping 87% said the CGG-200 was worthy of a 4 star or better rating.

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  1. I purchased the CGG 200 three weeks ago. I have had several portable grills including the Webber Q. The CGG 200 is by far the best return on my money in a long time. I found no disagreement with this reviewer and second his comments!


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