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Compare Weber Q Grill Models

If you are shopping for a new portable grill and haven’t heard of the Weber Q grill, let me tell you that you really should give this series a look.

The Weber Q Series is easily one of my favorite portable grills. These grills are well-built, sturdy, and known to be high quality when it comes to cooking and keeping clean. Just like any other Weber grill.

Today I want to compare all the models you can choose from in the Weber Q Series. Below is a comparison table of all current Weber Q models, which includes liquid propane, natural gas and electric models. Below that table, you can find more information regarding the differences between the grills in the series. (Take me to that!)


Weber Q Grill Comparison Chart

Cooking Surface Area
List Price
More Information
Weber Q 1000
Model: Weber Q1000
Heat: 8,500 BTUs
Grilling Surface Area: 189 in²
Notes: 1 Burner, Push-button Striker Ignition
List Price: $189
Weber Q 1200
Model: Weber Q1200
Heat: 8,500 BTUs
Grilling Surface Area: 189 in²
Notes: 1 Burner, Electronic Ignition, Built-in Thermometer. Available in 7 colors.
List Price: $189
Weber Q 1400
Model: Weber Q1400 (Electric)
Heat: 1560 Watt/120 Volt Element
Grilling Surface Area: 189 in²
Notes: 1 Electric Element, 6 foot long electrical cord
List Price: $249
Weber Q 2000
Model: Weber Q2000
Heat: 12,000 BTUs
Grilling Surface Area: 280 in²
Notes: 1 Burner, Push-button Striker Ignition
List Price: $229
Weber Q 2200
Model: Weber Q2200
Heat: 12,000 BTUs
Grilling Surface Area: 280 in²
Notes: 1 Burner, Electronic Ignition, Built-in Thermometer.
List Price: $249
Weber Q 2400
Model: Weber Q2400 (Electric)
Heat: 1560 Watt/120 Volt Element
Grilling Surface Area: 280 in²
Notes: 1 Electric Element, 6 foot long electrical cord
List Price: $299
Weber Q 3200 LP
Model: Weber Q3200 LP
Heat: 21,700 BTUs
Grilling Surface Area: 393 in²
Notes: 2 Burners, Electronic Ignition, Built-in Thermometer, Warming Rack, Handle Light. Not portable.
List Price: $399
Weber Q 3200 NG
Model: Weber Q3200 NG
Heat: 21,700 BTUs
Grilling Surface Area: 393 in²
Notes: 2 Burners, Electronic Ignition, Built-in Thermometer, Warming Rack, Handle Light, 10-ft NG hook-up hose. Not portable.
List Price: $419

Important Note
I do not consider either of the Weber Q 3200 models to be portable grills. They are far too big!

What All Weber Q Grills Have in Common:

No matter which of these grills you choose, each Weber Q grill has the following in common:

  • Cast-aluminum bodies
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frames
  • Cast-iron cooking grates coated with a porcelain enamel
  • Gas models have long lasting stainless steel burners
  • Electric models have 6′ grounded cords
  • Easy to clean removable drip pans
  • Each Weber Q grill comes with a great little recipe booklet
  • All gas models use the same regulator, Weber’s Infinite Control burner valve
  • All carry a warranty

Weber Q 1000 & Weber Q1200

The smallest of the Weber Q models, these grills are hard to beat when it comes to mixing quality with portability. Perfect for small families wanting to barbecue at the beach or the park. Fantastic for tailgating, and great to haul out on your next camping trip. As with all the Q’s, they are extremely easy to clean with their smooth lines and removable drip pan.

Ideal for cooking hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, steaks and veggies. When it comes to other items such as roasts or ribs, you may find that the lid is a little too shallow and the cooking area is just a bit too small.

They both accept both the 14.1oz an 16.4oz disposable propane bottles. An adaptor hose can easily convert to a 20lb propane tank. This is far more cost-effective and won’t leave you running out of propane halfway through cooking a meal.

The major difference is that the 1200 has a thermometer built into the grill lid. The 1200 also comes with an electronic ignition compared to the 1000’s clicky push button, and keep in mind that the 1000 does not have side tables.

The price of the Weber Q 1000 is less than $200, but I have seen it grossly overpriced in some areas. I think paying $200 for it is probably just about right – any less an you’re getting a deal.

For the Weber Q 1200, you can expect to pay around $250, but I have seen some places that try to sell it for closer to $300.


Weber Q 2000 & Weber Q 2200

These two grills are larger, but still retain their portability. Bigger means more grilling space, but one of the nicest size upgrades from the 1000 and 1200 is the taller lid. This means that with a little tabletop grill, you have many more cooking options, such as roasts, ribs, even whole chickens and smaller turkeys. Truly a solid mix between portability and full-size grill cooking.

Beyond size, the rest of the features remain the same as the 1000 and 1200.

As with the last comparison, the 2200 offers a built-in thermometer in the hood and electronic ignition, while the 2000 comes with the standard push-button ignition and no thermometer.

Prices vary but expect to find them for between $250 ~ $300 for the 2200, and $200 ~ $250 for the 2000.


Weber Q 1400 & Weber Q 2400

The Weber Q 1400 & Q 2400 main difference between their counterparts is that they are electric. Instead of stainless steel burners, these two grills come equipped with 1560 Watt cooking elements.

Size-wise and feature-wise, the Weber Q 1400 is identical to the Weber Q 1000, and the Q 2400 is the same size as the Q 2000. The major exceptions are that neither model has a button to light it, since they do not use gas fuel.

Prices are a little more expensive than their propane counterparts, with the Q1400 running about $250 to $300, and the Q2400 priced somewhere around $300 to $350.

Weber Q 3200

The biggest difference between the 3200’s compared to the 1000, 1200, 1400, 2000, 2200 and 2400 is that they are not really portable. These two grills come with a stationary stand that the grill unit bolts on to. Either of these grills would be great for those that don’t quite have the room for a full-size grill but still want the feel of a big gas barbecue. Both of the 3200 models include the folding side tables for storage in tight areas – either would be a great solution for those with small balconies or tiny yards.

Both of these grills also work like big barbecues. The LP model comes with an adaptor hose to connect to a 20lb propane tank . The natural gas model includes a hose and fittings to connect to a barbecue service line, should you have one.

More Features

The stand has a tank screen to keep the bottle from view. I think that’s quite handy, as it also protects from the elements, meaning your propane tank won’t rust out if you live in more humid areas.

Other features include a thermometer built into the hood, and two burners instead of one. They also have an easy-start electronic ignition.

These two models are again bigger and better than the 2000 or 2200 with more cooking area (393 square inches) and more heat (21,700 BTU’s). Weber suggests that the size of this grill will allow you to cook up to 18 hamburgers or 36 jumbo hot dogs at a time. That’s enough to throw a nice little backyard dinner party for your neighbors!

Lastly, the 3200 does include a feature that none of the other grills have, and it’s a big one. The 3200 is the only grill out of the Weber Q Series that has a warming rack; a feature rarely seen in my reviews. Those accustomed to a nice full-size grill know that a warming rack makes a noticeable difference to the quality of your barbecuing.

What also comes with the size of these grills is the price. These grills, because they are so much bigger and do include the stationary stand, are not even close to the same in price as the other models. Remembering that they are pretty much full-size grills, and they do have quality Weber construction backing them up is important when making your grill buying decision.

They both price out at $400 or more.

Warranty on Weber Q Grills

The manufacturer’s warranty on all of these grills is outstanding. The warranty on the cast aluminum body and Thermoset/Thermoplastic parts is 5 years, but does not include fading or discoloration. Warranties on all other parts are for 2 years, which is more than enough time to work out any defects that might be present.

The warranty on the cart is 2 years.

What to Do Now?

Now, the decision is up to you. Nobody knows which of these grills will fit you best. In my opinion, they are all great picks.

To help with further research, please see the links I’ve listed in the table for each Weber Q Grill. They link either to Amazon, or to my own detailed reviews and price comparisons.