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Compare Coleman RoadTrip Grill Models

Coleman has become synonymous with camping and enjoying the great outdoors. Though many of their products are for the hard-core campers, the RoadTrip line of gas grills is so versatile that they can be used in your back yard or for tailgating as easily as as at the beach or outside of your tent!

Though the following RoadTrip grills all have roughly the same BTU output and the same size of cooking surface, they still offer a few subtle differences that might make a huge difference to those more stylish and picky grillers!

All of these grills will cook very quickly, and all are very portable.

All use Coleman’s 16.4 oz disposable liquid propane canisters, which can be found just about everywhere. On top of that, the variety of mix-and-match cooking plates available for all of these grills means that cooking never has to be boring – no matter where you are!

Coleman RoadTrip Grill Series Comparison Chart

Total BTUs
List Price
More Information
Coleman Roadtrip LXE Portable Gas Grill
Model: Coleman RoadTrip LXE
Total BTUs: 20,000
Notes: Base model. Consistently has the best price. Comes in several color options.
List Price: $199.99
Coleman Roadtrip LX Portable Gas Grill
Model: Coleman RoadTrip LX
Total BTUs: 20,000
Notes: Has a different stand with telescopic folding legs.
List Price: $249.99
Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Portable Grill
Model: Coleman RoadTrip X-Cursion
Total BTUs: 20,000
Notes: Redesigned exterior, including steel legs/handle. Only one side table.
List Price: $199.99
Coleman Legacy Roadtrip Portable Grill (Exclusive to Cabela's)
Model: Coleman Legacy RoadTrip (Cabela’s Exclusive)
Total BTUs: 22,000
Notes: Exclusively made for Cabela’s. Coleman Green color. Has higher BTU’s. Includes thermometer.
List Price: $229.99
Coleman Roadtrip Paul Jr Designs Portable Grill
Model: Coleman RoadTrip Paul Jr Designs
Total BTUs: 22,000
Notes: Redesigned by Paul Jr. (of Orange County Choppers fame) with chrome diamond plate detailing and many other extras.
List Price: $229.99
Out of Production
Coleman Roadtrip LXX Portable Grill
Model: Coleman RoadTrip LXX
Total BTUs: 22,000
Notes: Higher BTU’s and buit in thermometer. Metal tables & hooks.
List Price: $219.99
Out of Production

Please note that the above grills all share these features:
  • A cooking surface area of 285 square inches
  • Two independently controlled burners
  • Side Tables and hooks for hanging BBQ tools
  • Two half-size grates


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